Coca Cola Company Target Market (Grade)

Coca Cola Company Target Market

”Examines how Coca-Cola has strategically positioned it self within the world’s soft drinks market. Given that they operate in over 200 countries, they are faced with a clear choice of whether to standardize their product offerings globally and reap the potential benefits economies of scale, adapt their offerings to a particular market” (The Marketing Review, 2003). The target demographic for Coca Cola is a broad due to cola drinks’ popularity. Given careful consideration and after researching and analyzing consumer age, household size, marital status, and income, the best target markets for Coca-Cola, are 18-34 year-olds and those who live in households of 3 or more (Communications 352 Dr. Ju-Pak). The pulsing strategy is the best method to use for Coca Colas advertising. The seasonality of sales for soft drinks is a really important factor. The pulsing strategy allows to advertise heavily during high sales periods and decrease its efforts during lower sales periods (Communications 352 Dr. Ju-Pak). For example, during summer when the weather is warm and people purchase and drink more cola beverages, advertising efforts will be at the high rate. The second best time for a high rate of advertising and purchasing cola products is during holidays. Because of this strategy Coca Cola Company stays competitive.

Coca Cola Company wants to satisfy the need of all different kinds of people. All consumers have drinks where their target is different, like age group, ethic groups, sexes, lifestyles, etc. Coca Cola has many various brands and usually it is drinks. For example:

Disney Hundred Acre Woods is a fruit juice made for children of ages about 3 to 10 for both sexes. It is for those kinds who love to watch cartoon “Pooh” because with this drink they can explore woods with pooh and his company on pictures. With this drink children feel more connected with a bear and other characters from a cartoon. Although Coca Cola sees that this drink has many likes and dislikes from the side of children, Coca Cola created many different flavors like Apple, Apple-Banana, Cherry to satisfy customers needs.

Oasis is a juice made for working adults about 20-30 years old, who know what they want. This juice includes flavors like berry, lemon, orange tangerine. And it is usually sells over a fairly range of places but most popular in Britain and Ireland.

Coca Cola is the most successful drink around the globe. It is a soft drink and it is the most popular drink among many different nations. Because of the huge demand for the coca cola drink, they become to produce other cola drinks, like coca cola zero, coca cola diet. coca cola C2 with lime, etc. And all these cola drinks are worldwide And it is sold in many countries in the world.Coca Cola

Zero is a targeted for a teens age that do not want the calories that come with a normal coke but at the same time they want a great taste of it. And costumers get it as far as the drink is sweetened with aspartame.

Coca Cola Diet is a diet drink as well for adults age of 30-50, who are trying to stay healthy and at the same time has a good taste of coca cola. In addition this drink is sugar free.

Coca Cola with Lime sells as a normal and a diet one. This drink is for the audience who likes cola and in addition some taste of punch.

Sprite is a soft drink that has different target markets. Sprite is not so popular as a cola in US and tastes completely different and it has an unique taste that cola does not have. The other line of sprite drinks basically are the same as with cola drink.

Powerade is a sports drink which are designed with a different great tastes and thirst formula. This drink is made of all ages, sexes athletes for all kind of sports. This drink mostly sells in North America. And I can tell about many more different products that Coca Cola Company has and produces.

If I created a Facebook profile for Coca Cola, I would changed the first background with a soccer players, just standing there. I would change it into the same soccer player but in an action. Also I would change a profile picture. Right now a profile picture looks empty because it has only a cola bottle on it. I would add something interesting and funny to this picture with an lonely bottle on it.


Is Coca-Cola good at Twitting? (Grade)

Social marketing of Coca-Coca helps to create a connection with the audience. That is why it created Twitter and other platforms of a social media.

Coca-Cola has several types of tweets and they are conversational, engaging and rarely is promotional. Coca-Cola uses not so often a link promotion type to invest time on Twitter. But sometimes it uses Twitter to tweet links out to their own promotions that they are running. And Coca-Cola has to make sure that they don’t put only promotion tweets. It is better to mix it up and balance its tweets. A small self-promotion is not going to be a bad idea. Also sometimes Coca-Cola uses a platform sharing and it shares tweets with a different information about its products and sometimes Coca-Cola uses link promotion anyway. All of Coca-Cola’s tweets are social posts. It connects with other people in order to promote and share to the audience its product. But most frequent type of Coca-Cola’s tweets are conversational and engaging. Conversational tweets are like a public conversation on a phone between people. The audience and actually links in tweets. Engaging tweets make the audience and its people think about these particular tweets and want people to answer or comment on tweets. Engaging generates conversation between people and conversations attracts people where all these leads to link and share tweets. Finally one person drugs another person to follow a particular tweet and page. Coca-Cola posts on Twitter multiple times a day where it engages more visitors and followers.

Coca-Cola tweets many times about music. For example, “Lillian Mbabazi at Coke Studio Uganda launch. #CokeStudioAfrica” or Great performance from Lilian Mbabazi at Coke Studio Africa launch.  #CokeStudioAfrica tweets by Coca-Cola.

Updates are posted on Twitter pages throughout musical performances and sessions where Coca-Cola represents its products. Coca-Cola keeps the audience updated in companies progress all the time using Twitter. Also, Coca-Cola involves in events like Olympics where tweets, “How it happen – Greece, Olympic Flame and @CocaCola !!!! “, retwitted by Coca-Cola. And FIFA World Cup, “We’re taking the FIFA World Cup™ #Trophy 92k miles to 89 countries. Follow @TrophyTour to join our journey #WorldsCup” tweets by Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola interviews different kinds of people where is asking them what happiness mean for them. The audience finds happiness in little things like nature, sports, music, pizza and cola, and spending time with family and friends. Therefore Coca-Cola posts all these events with photos videos and comments.

If Coca-Cola tweets regularly, the response and followers rate is high. Basically Coca-Cola has a high rate of conversation and engaging types of tweeting and a low percentage of promotion links. Every company has to improve their tweets time after time and every company has to work on marketing strategies all the time. In order to be effective, they have to post more conversational and engaging tweets instead of promotional ones.

Investigation of the Coca Cola Co. (Grade)

Internet Marketing

Coca cola Co.

Investigation of Coca Cola Co.

 The traffic rank of the

The Alexa Traffic Rank – is 29,236 and down 4,149 versus the previous 3 months.

Traffic Rank in Country (United States) for the –  is 16,316.

Number of visitors are engaged to

Bounce Rate –  is 56.20% and down 8% versus the previous 3 months.

Daily Pageviews per visitor –  is 1.89 and down 7.35% versus the previous 3 months.

Daily Time on Site –  is 2:24 and up 21% versus the previous 3 months.

Audience visits

Audience Demographics


1. Relative to the general internet population, Males – are under-represented at this site. Confidence – is high.

2. Relative to the general internet population, Females – are over-represented at this site. Confidence – is medium.


1. Relative to the general internet population, people who did not go to college – are over-represented at this site. Confidence – is medium.

2. Relative to the general internet population, people with some college education – are over-represented at this site. Confidence – is medium.

3. Relative to the general internet population, people who went to graduate school – are under-represented at this site. Confidence – is high.

4. Relative to the general internet population, people who went to college – are similar to the general internet population. Confidence – is high.

Browsing Location:

1. Relative to the general internet population, people browsing from home – are under-represented at this site. Confidence – is high.

2. Relative to the general internet population, people browsing from school – are greatly over-represented at this site. Confidence – is medium.

3. Relative to the general internet population, people browsing from work – are over-represented at this site. Confidence – is medium.

Audience Geography

Visitors by Country

Country                                                     Percent of Visitors                         Rank in Country

United States                                                       42.4%                                               16,316

India                                                                        7.1%                                                 51,078

United Kingdom                                                  6.2%                                                 21,010

France                                                                     6.1%                                                 20,897

Mexico                                                                     3.6 %                                               22,024

Search Traffic:

Search visits – are 15.10% and up 31.00% versus the previous 3 months.

Top Keywords form Search Engines

Keyword                                                                                             Percent of Search Traffic

  1. coca cola                                                                                                               32.04%
  2. cocacola                                                                                                                6.48%
  3. coke                                                                                                                        6.42%
  4. coca cola nigeria                                                                                                 4.33%
  5. coca cola logo                                                                                                      2.22%

Upstream Sites

Sites people visit immediately before this site

Site                                                            Percent of Unique Visits

  1.                                                        15.0%
  2.                                                    9.0%
  3.                                 2.3%
  4.                                                         2.3%
  5.                                                 2.2%

Sires link to

Total Sites Linking In – are 7,859

Site                                                                      Global Rank

  1.                                                              1
  2.                                                          3
  3.                                                                4
  4.                                                          6
  5.                                                           7

Sites are related to

Related Links                                                       Global Rank

  1.                                                          341,192
  2.                                                               16,260
  3.                                                     144,726
  4.                                                            54,605
  5.                                                      436

Categories with related Coca-Cola site – are Business, Food and Related Products, Beverages, Soft Drinks, Coca-Cola.

Places visitors go on

Subdomain                                                                    Percent of visitors                                                                    43.68%                                                   18.29%                                                                          17.92%                                         5.43%                                                           3.43%

Load speed of loads very fast (0.817 seconds), 81% of sites are slower.

Unique visitors – are 127,600



Forrester’s criteria for website usability. Lingscars. (Grade)

I was looking for the worst website and I found this website of car leasing. This is a link: . I think you just can’t find the worst website as this one. Lingscars is an Uk website which is the worst designed website in the world.  I will grade this website by Forrester Research Criteria for Website Usability.

Forrester Research Criteria has four key dimensions which are:

1). Value

2). Navigation

3). Presentation

4). Trust

I will answer questions from each key dimension for this website. So, each key dimension has several questions and i’m going to grade this website with Forrester Research Criteria help.

1). Value

a). Does the landing page provide evidence that user goals can be completed?

No, he doesn’t provide evidence that user’s goals can be completed. You can not easily identify what goals are for this website. It is just says that cars leasing service they provide is cheap.

b).  Is essential content available where needed?

No, everything is provided together without any content order. This website is like a salad, has everything there, on one or two pages.

c). Is essential function available where needed?

Yes, the essential function available but it is not available where it needs to be.

d). Are essential content and function given priority in the display?

No, they are not. Because this website has a lot of stuff going on at the same time and it is confusing.

2). Navigation

a). Are category and subcategory names clear and mutually exclusive?

Category and subcategory manes are pretty clear but they are not mutually exclusive. At the top of this website customer can see category names but they not really connect with each other.

b). Do menu categories immediately expose or describe their subcategories?

No, it does not. When customer open category, customer immediately can see something unclear under each category.

c). Are items classified logically?

No, they are not classified logically. For example in one category it says cars and vans and in another category-fun stuff, which completely don’t connect with each other.

d). Is the task flow efficient?

No, it doesn’t. As far as this website basically doesn’t have any particular tasks. It has everything and everywhere which is very confusing for a customer.

e). Is the wording in hyperlinks and controls clear and informative?

No, it is not. Customer can not understand and can not find wording in that mess of cheap commercials.

f). Are keyword-based searches comprehensive and precise?

No, they are not. Because at first glance customer can not notice the keyword searcher. Lingscars has a lot of commercials all over the whole website.  So, customer can not find products/services in a fast way, using searches.

3). Presentation

a). Does the site use language that’s easy to understand?

No, it does not. It uses bad english including Chinese language.

b). Does the site use graphics, Icons, and symbols that are easy to understand?

Lingscars uses graphic, Icons, and symbols but unfortunately customer can not easily understand them because website has too many of useless graphic, Icons, and symbols, etc.

c). Is text legible?

Text is not legible at all. Customer can not read its text without any complications.

d). Do text formatting and layout support easy scanning?

No, it doesn’t.

e). Do layouts use space effectively?

Layouts don’t use space effectively in Lingscars website. All space is taken by strange and random commercials.


f). Are from fields and interactive elements placed logically in the display?

Fields and interactive elements are not paced logically in the display.

g). Are interactive elements easily recognizable?

Interactive elements are not easily recognizable.

h). Do interactive elements behave as expected?

No, they do not.

j). Does the site accommodate the user’s range of hand-eye coordination?

Definitely the site does not accommodate the user’s range of hand-eye coordination.

4). Trust

a). Does the site present the privacy and security polices in context?

I don think that this site presents the privacy and security polices in context.

b). Do location cues orient the user?

No, location cues do not orient the user.

c). Does site functionality provide clear feedback in response to users actions?

No, it does not.


d). Is contextual help available at key points?

Yes, contextual help is available at key points.

e). Does the site perform well?

Actually site performs not bad but generally it is the worst site I have ever seen.  Consumer never understands where to look for products/services and how to purchase them. Lingscars is poorly designed website and when customers visit this website they do not want to look there because everything is unclear and not convenient for users.



Your account privacy (Grade)

Privacy at the internet – is a really important concept, because nowadays a lot of people use social media. And every social media has a privacy policy, without it websites can not exist. I will give you an example of an one company who uses privacy policy. For example I will use the “WordPress” privacy policy. It collects all person’s data, personal and non personal. “WordPress” has users’ emails and usernames. Also it collects statistics of behavior and visitors. They know how many people viewed my profile and read my posts, plus they give you a statistic with percents.

Another example is the company that runs hotels around the world – Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts is very serious about protecting privacy to customers and people who use their service. They have prepared this privacy policy to inform us of information about all guests, potential and actual Residence Club owners and private residences – ” guests and owners”, as it referred. Visitors to their Web site that they collect, as well as the fact how the Four Seasons uses this information to improve service to the guests and property owners. The term “Personal Information” refers to any information that can be used to identify customers and guests. It can include your name, address, age , gender, financial history and social security number, without limitation. To be sure to give the best level of service to the customers and guests, Four Seasons Hotels inform their guests and owners about privacy policy of its service. And if you want to know something you look up on their website and you will find an answer to your question. When customers first visit Four Seasons Hotel’s website customers have a transferred a file calls –  cookie, and computer that is assigned an identification number. Files cookie – this is a standard tool for monitoring the personal preferences of the user to visit your web site that has been more convenient . The cookie allows them to personalize the visit, so that users do not have to remind them of your preferences each time you visit their website. Four Season Hotels cookie files do not contain information by which you can identify . Cookie files of Four Seasons do not track user activity on the Internet after the visit website of Four Seasons. They also use the cookie to collect and store aggregated data on the Web site (for example, the number of visitors to a particular website) to help to determine what is popular what is not. Among other things, it helps to improve and update the website based on such as data as total number of visitors and pages viewed.

So, I think all information you give to websites and social media have you personal information. But privacy policy allocates other users from your personal information, especially if it is not permitted by you. All websites collect you data every time to go to their site.

Business model of the company (Grade)

Business model – is a description of the enterprise as a complex system with a predetermined accuracy. The presentation of the business model and the level of detail by the objectives of modeling and adopted the view. The term “business model” is used to cover a wide range of formal and informal descriptions of the key elements of the business. We use the term in the following sense: “The business model of the company defines as it makes a profit – as the market looks to his, submits its proposals and deploys business relationship. ” The business model of the company – it is a way that a company uses to create value and profit.

Let’s imagine that I am starting a business and I use different business models to improve my sales online. Before choosing your major business model, first you have to ask yourself few questions that will help you succeed in you business. So, there are free main questions for a business model of the company. And every business model has to reply on these three questions: How the company creates value for external customers?, How the company makes money?, How the company provides a strategic control over the value chain?. My business model has to have the next requirements like: covers the whole business of the company; describes basic “blocs” which are consist business company, and if necessary, a relationship between them; to be easy, compact and interesting for consumers. So, I think my business model would be emphasized on customers’ desires and needs. And also on on unique products/goods and services. First, you have to think what customer wants and then you can add additional unique details to it to attract customers even more.  Because I believe it is the key points for a start of getting successful in your business.