Business model of the company (Grade)

Business model – is a description of the enterprise as a complex system with a predetermined accuracy. The presentation of the business model and the level of detail by the objectives of modeling and adopted the view. The term “business model” is used to cover a wide range of formal and informal descriptions of the key elements of the business. We use the term in the following sense: “The business model of the company defines as it makes a profit – as the market looks to his, submits its proposals and deploys business relationship. ” The business model of the company – it is a way that a company uses to create value and profit.

Let’s imagine that I am starting a business and I use different business models to improve my sales online. Before choosing your major business model, first you have to ask yourself few questions that will help you succeed in you business. So, there are free main questions for a business model of the company. And every business model has to reply on these three questions: How the company creates value for external customers?, How the company makes money?, How the company provides a strategic control over the value chain?. My business model has to have the next requirements like: covers the whole business of the company; describes basic “blocs” which are consist business company, and if necessary, a relationship between them; to be easy, compact and interesting for consumers. So, I think my business model would be emphasized on customers’ desires and needs. And also on on unique products/goods and services. First, you have to think what customer wants and then you can add additional unique details to it to attract customers even more.  Because I believe it is the key points for a start of getting successful in your business.


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