Your account privacy (Grade)

Privacy at the internet – is a really important concept, because nowadays a lot of people use social media. And every social media has a privacy policy, without it websites can not exist. I will give you an example of an one company who uses privacy policy. For example I will use the “WordPress” privacy policy. It collects all person’s data, personal and non personal. “WordPress” has users’ emails and usernames. Also it collects statistics of behavior and visitors. They know how many people viewed my profile and read my posts, plus they give you a statistic with percents.

Another example is the company that runs hotels around the world – Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts is very serious about protecting privacy to customers and people who use their service. They have prepared this privacy policy to inform us of information about all guests, potential and actual Residence Club owners and private residences – ” guests and owners”, as it referred. Visitors to their Web site that they collect, as well as the fact how the Four Seasons uses this information to improve service to the guests and property owners. The term “Personal Information” refers to any information that can be used to identify customers and guests. It can include your name, address, age , gender, financial history and social security number, without limitation. To be sure to give the best level of service to the customers and guests, Four Seasons Hotels inform their guests and owners about privacy policy of its service. And if you want to know something you look up on their website and you will find an answer to your question. When customers first visit Four Seasons Hotel’s website customers have a transferred a file calls –  cookie, and computer that is assigned an identification number. Files cookie – this is a standard tool for monitoring the personal preferences of the user to visit your web site that has been more convenient . The cookie allows them to personalize the visit, so that users do not have to remind them of your preferences each time you visit their website. Four Season Hotels cookie files do not contain information by which you can identify . Cookie files of Four Seasons do not track user activity on the Internet after the visit website of Four Seasons. They also use the cookie to collect and store aggregated data on the Web site (for example, the number of visitors to a particular website) to help to determine what is popular what is not. Among other things, it helps to improve and update the website based on such as data as total number of visitors and pages viewed.

So, I think all information you give to websites and social media have you personal information. But privacy policy allocates other users from your personal information, especially if it is not permitted by you. All websites collect you data every time to go to their site.


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