Forrester’s criteria for website usability. Lingscars. (Grade)

I was looking for the worst website and I found this website of car leasing. This is a link: . I think you just can’t find the worst website as this one. Lingscars is an Uk website which is the worst designed website in the world.  I will grade this website by Forrester Research Criteria for Website Usability.

Forrester Research Criteria has four key dimensions which are:

1). Value

2). Navigation

3). Presentation

4). Trust

I will answer questions from each key dimension for this website. So, each key dimension has several questions and i’m going to grade this website with Forrester Research Criteria help.

1). Value

a). Does the landing page provide evidence that user goals can be completed?

No, he doesn’t provide evidence that user’s goals can be completed. You can not easily identify what goals are for this website. It is just says that cars leasing service they provide is cheap.

b).  Is essential content available where needed?

No, everything is provided together without any content order. This website is like a salad, has everything there, on one or two pages.

c). Is essential function available where needed?

Yes, the essential function available but it is not available where it needs to be.

d). Are essential content and function given priority in the display?

No, they are not. Because this website has a lot of stuff going on at the same time and it is confusing.

2). Navigation

a). Are category and subcategory names clear and mutually exclusive?

Category and subcategory manes are pretty clear but they are not mutually exclusive. At the top of this website customer can see category names but they not really connect with each other.

b). Do menu categories immediately expose or describe their subcategories?

No, it does not. When customer open category, customer immediately can see something unclear under each category.

c). Are items classified logically?

No, they are not classified logically. For example in one category it says cars and vans and in another category-fun stuff, which completely don’t connect with each other.

d). Is the task flow efficient?

No, it doesn’t. As far as this website basically doesn’t have any particular tasks. It has everything and everywhere which is very confusing for a customer.

e). Is the wording in hyperlinks and controls clear and informative?

No, it is not. Customer can not understand and can not find wording in that mess of cheap commercials.

f). Are keyword-based searches comprehensive and precise?

No, they are not. Because at first glance customer can not notice the keyword searcher. Lingscars has a lot of commercials all over the whole website.  So, customer can not find products/services in a fast way, using searches.

3). Presentation

a). Does the site use language that’s easy to understand?

No, it does not. It uses bad english including Chinese language.

b). Does the site use graphics, Icons, and symbols that are easy to understand?

Lingscars uses graphic, Icons, and symbols but unfortunately customer can not easily understand them because website has too many of useless graphic, Icons, and symbols, etc.

c). Is text legible?

Text is not legible at all. Customer can not read its text without any complications.

d). Do text formatting and layout support easy scanning?

No, it doesn’t.

e). Do layouts use space effectively?

Layouts don’t use space effectively in Lingscars website. All space is taken by strange and random commercials.


f). Are from fields and interactive elements placed logically in the display?

Fields and interactive elements are not paced logically in the display.

g). Are interactive elements easily recognizable?

Interactive elements are not easily recognizable.

h). Do interactive elements behave as expected?

No, they do not.

j). Does the site accommodate the user’s range of hand-eye coordination?

Definitely the site does not accommodate the user’s range of hand-eye coordination.

4). Trust

a). Does the site present the privacy and security polices in context?

I don think that this site presents the privacy and security polices in context.

b). Do location cues orient the user?

No, location cues do not orient the user.

c). Does site functionality provide clear feedback in response to users actions?

No, it does not.


d). Is contextual help available at key points?

Yes, contextual help is available at key points.

e). Does the site perform well?

Actually site performs not bad but generally it is the worst site I have ever seen.  Consumer never understands where to look for products/services and how to purchase them. Lingscars is poorly designed website and when customers visit this website they do not want to look there because everything is unclear and not convenient for users.




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