Is Coca-Cola good at Twitting? (Grade)

Social marketing of Coca-Coca helps to create a connection with the audience. That is why it created Twitter and other platforms of a social media.

Coca-Cola has several types of tweets and they are conversational, engaging and rarely is promotional. Coca-Cola uses not so often a link promotion type to invest time on Twitter. But sometimes it uses Twitter to tweet links out to their own promotions that they are running. And Coca-Cola has to make sure that they don’t put only promotion tweets. It is better to mix it up and balance its tweets. A small self-promotion is not going to be a bad idea. Also sometimes Coca-Cola uses a platform sharing and it shares tweets with a different information about its products and sometimes Coca-Cola uses link promotion anyway. All of Coca-Cola’s tweets are social posts. It connects with other people in order to promote and share to the audience its product. But most frequent type of Coca-Cola’s tweets are conversational and engaging. Conversational tweets are like a public conversation on a phone between people. The audience and actually links in tweets. Engaging tweets make the audience and its people think about these particular tweets and want people to answer or comment on tweets. Engaging generates conversation between people and conversations attracts people where all these leads to link and share tweets. Finally one person drugs another person to follow a particular tweet and page. Coca-Cola posts on Twitter multiple times a day where it engages more visitors and followers.

Coca-Cola tweets many times about music. For example, “Lillian Mbabazi at Coke Studio Uganda launch. #CokeStudioAfrica” or Great performance from Lilian Mbabazi at Coke Studio Africa launch.  #CokeStudioAfrica tweets by Coca-Cola.

Updates are posted on Twitter pages throughout musical performances and sessions where Coca-Cola represents its products. Coca-Cola keeps the audience updated in companies progress all the time using Twitter. Also, Coca-Cola involves in events like Olympics where tweets, “How it happen – Greece, Olympic Flame and @CocaCola !!!! “, retwitted by Coca-Cola. And FIFA World Cup, “We’re taking the FIFA World Cup™ #Trophy 92k miles to 89 countries. Follow @TrophyTour to join our journey #WorldsCup” tweets by Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola interviews different kinds of people where is asking them what happiness mean for them. The audience finds happiness in little things like nature, sports, music, pizza and cola, and spending time with family and friends. Therefore Coca-Cola posts all these events with photos videos and comments.

If Coca-Cola tweets regularly, the response and followers rate is high. Basically Coca-Cola has a high rate of conversation and engaging types of tweeting and a low percentage of promotion links. Every company has to improve their tweets time after time and every company has to work on marketing strategies all the time. In order to be effective, they have to post more conversational and engaging tweets instead of promotional ones.


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