Coca Cola Company Target Market (Grade)

Coca Cola Company Target Market

”Examines how Coca-Cola has strategically positioned it self within the world’s soft drinks market. Given that they operate in over 200 countries, they are faced with a clear choice of whether to standardize their product offerings globally and reap the potential benefits economies of scale, adapt their offerings to a particular market” (The Marketing Review, 2003). The target demographic for Coca Cola is a broad due to cola drinks’ popularity. Given careful consideration and after researching and analyzing consumer age, household size, marital status, and income, the best target markets for Coca-Cola, are 18-34 year-olds and those who live in households of 3 or more (Communications 352 Dr. Ju-Pak). The pulsing strategy is the best method to use for Coca Colas advertising. The seasonality of sales for soft drinks is a really important factor. The pulsing strategy allows to advertise heavily during high sales periods and decrease its efforts during lower sales periods (Communications 352 Dr. Ju-Pak). For example, during summer when the weather is warm and people purchase and drink more cola beverages, advertising efforts will be at the high rate. The second best time for a high rate of advertising and purchasing cola products is during holidays. Because of this strategy Coca Cola Company stays competitive.

Coca Cola Company wants to satisfy the need of all different kinds of people. All consumers have drinks where their target is different, like age group, ethic groups, sexes, lifestyles, etc. Coca Cola has many various brands and usually it is drinks. For example:

Disney Hundred Acre Woods is a fruit juice made for children of ages about 3 to 10 for both sexes. It is for those kinds who love to watch cartoon “Pooh” because with this drink they can explore woods with pooh and his company on pictures. With this drink children feel more connected with a bear and other characters from a cartoon. Although Coca Cola sees that this drink has many likes and dislikes from the side of children, Coca Cola created many different flavors like Apple, Apple-Banana, Cherry to satisfy customers needs.

Oasis is a juice made for working adults about 20-30 years old, who know what they want. This juice includes flavors like berry, lemon, orange tangerine. And it is usually sells over a fairly range of places but most popular in Britain and Ireland.

Coca Cola is the most successful drink around the globe. It is a soft drink and it is the most popular drink among many different nations. Because of the huge demand for the coca cola drink, they become to produce other cola drinks, like coca cola zero, coca cola diet. coca cola C2 with lime, etc. And all these cola drinks are worldwide And it is sold in many countries in the world.Coca Cola

Zero is a targeted for a teens age that do not want the calories that come with a normal coke but at the same time they want a great taste of it. And costumers get it as far as the drink is sweetened with aspartame.

Coca Cola Diet is a diet drink as well for adults age of 30-50, who are trying to stay healthy and at the same time has a good taste of coca cola. In addition this drink is sugar free.

Coca Cola with Lime sells as a normal and a diet one. This drink is for the audience who likes cola and in addition some taste of punch.

Sprite is a soft drink that has different target markets. Sprite is not so popular as a cola in US and tastes completely different and it has an unique taste that cola does not have. The other line of sprite drinks basically are the same as with cola drink.

Powerade is a sports drink which are designed with a different great tastes and thirst formula. This drink is made of all ages, sexes athletes for all kind of sports. This drink mostly sells in North America. And I can tell about many more different products that Coca Cola Company has and produces.

If I created a Facebook profile for Coca Cola, I would changed the first background with a soccer players, just standing there. I would change it into the same soccer player but in an action. Also I would change a profile picture. Right now a profile picture looks empty because it has only a cola bottle on it. I would add something interesting and funny to this picture with an lonely bottle on it.


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